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It’s great to get up in the morning and have time for a leisurely breakfast while sipping a steaming mug of hot coffee or tea and reading the paper. But even if you don’t have time for a leisurely breakfast, it’s important to have breakfast.

A recent study performed by Daniela Jakubowicz MD of Wolfson Medical Center in Tel Aviv, Israel showed that obese adults who ate a large breakfast followed by a lower calorie lunch and even lower calorie dinner lost significantly more weight than dieters who ate a low-calorie breakfast and ate their larger meals later in the day.

More important, the higher calorie breakfast eaters continued to lose weight during the maintenance phase of the study while the low-calorie breakfast eaters regained a large amount of the weight they lost during the initial weight loss phase of the study.

Researchers found the high calorie breakfast helped suppress production of the hunger hormone, ghrelin. Dieters reported less hunger and cravings after a large breakfast. Interestingly enough, the participants in this study finished their breakfast meal with a sweet treat such as a cookie.

I’ve always heard “Life is short-eat dessert first” but now I think I’ll do that starting with breakfast tomorrow.


Enjoying a cup of coffee and a newspaper